• 5 Day Show Forecast

    • Feb 26
      LEX THE HEX MASTER / AMB / SCUM / J-Dust / Concrete -- Monday February 26th
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    • Feb 27
      KISW METAL SHOP Presents: SEPTICFLESH / DARK FUNERAL / Thy Antichrist / Down The Scope + Guests Tue. Feb 27
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    • Mar 2
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    • Mar 3
      AFTON LIVE Presents: Earlier Rock/Indie Portion Starts 7:00 PM: Alex Michels, Hard Circus, EverStoned, Aim For The Heart Later Hip Hop/R&B Portion to Follow: King Laylow, J.R.DOT 504, Totolua, YSC Calicoe, D. Mikey, G'raff, MIXX, Dj Remi, Price Kiid, MAC & Premium, Kateel
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    • Mar 6
      I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE / Kissing Candace / Awaken I Am / Darkness Stole The Sky Tuesday March 6th (This show is @ The Funhouse )
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