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FW Events and 1F Entertainment presents!! “Get Your Dance on for Some Tampons 2 ” A Charity Event!!

Doors Open:
January 6, 2018 9:00 PM
Event Age:
All Ages, Bar with ID
Studio Seven
Google Map
110 S. Horton St., Seattle, United States, 98134
1F entertainment is the production arm of a radically inclusive artist collective in Portland Oregon. We’re one fellowship working on one function.


We love for our events to bring people together to make a positive impact on the community. July 20 in Portland, we threw our first “Get your dance on for some tampons” with Requin & Needlep01nt, and raised over 3000 tampons which we donated to a local non profit. It’s hard enough to be a woman in this society, and even harder when you’re on the street. Basic access to feminine hygiene products can be an issue, and we can help.

We aim to visit other cities with our musicians, artists, vibes and culture.

First stop: Seattle

Get your dance on for some tampons 2: Seattle Boogaloo

$20 cover OR we prefer
$10 with a *sealed* donation of feminine products

All donations will be gifted to Mary’s Place Emergency Shelter for Homeless Families. A percentage of the proceeds after musician and travel related costs will be donated directly to Mary’s Place.


⚛Charlie Rocket⚛
1F Entertainment VP

Charlie Rocket is actually a time traveling wizard, awaiting the proper moment to save the world from tyranny using the powers of truth and love.

The time has come

Bass Therapy Resident

Ted Spealman aka DiSTi has made a splash on the scene since picking up the trade back in May of 2017. He has since become a resident at Stage and played along side some of Seattle’s most elite Dj’s. Hailing from a classical/heavily theoretical background, DiSTi’s sets range from gnarly throwback bangers to the latest in cutting edge bass.

Space Camp / 1F Resident

1-Z aka Jaymeson (Jayme) Parry originally hails from the 206, currently repping PDX and the 503. Currently a resident for 1F Entertainment and board member of the Space Camp Culture collective. After graduating from PSU with a degree in neuroscience Jayme just couldn’t keep listening to music anymore, he had to start playing/making his own. Only about a year in he has been experimenting and blending genres like crazy. Always trying to refine his techniques, style and potentials! Usually rocking more bass heavy sets but always looking to change things up! Inspirations mostly originate from dubstep and trap.

Bass Therapy Resident

Brian Schatzel, aka Adastra, a 21 year old University of Washington student born and raised in Longview, Washington, always knew he wanted to do something great with his life. He picked up the trumpet in the third grade, and was soon playing every instrument he could get his hands on. In high school, Brian discovered electronic music. He soon began messing around with producing and mixing music with as much passion and drive as he first put into his classical music background. After much deliberation and plenty of help from friends, Brian decided to take on the name Adastra, which is Latin for “To the Stars”. His style has since developed into something typically characterized by a spacey feel, exploring his statement, “music that will take you to the stars.”

Seattle WA

Portland, OR


Danny Stephens
Instagram: @dannystephensart
“Art to me is mass consciousness expressing itself through the individual. I think of art as evidence of a larger transmission of intelligence. This presence is not limited to the arts, but also in the minds of any creative person and the lens they see the world through. They see the need for change, and see solutions past the normal avenues that push us further from unity. As an artist I plan to guide the viewer’s curiosities to a more tranquil understanding of what it means to be awake in these trying times. There is a trend for art to be at the frontlines of social change. I aim to use art to help us see through the veil of information that has been provided for us, and to inspire unity in coming up with solutions to today’s issues. ”

Sabrina MacVicar

“My intention is to create meditative, psychoactive and healing art to fulfill an imbalanced perception in order to create harmony and equilibrium within and without. As I create art, I hope for others to not only see what my mind envisions but to personally perceive it through the lens of their true being. I invite the viewer to reevaluate themselves, analyze the world around them, while simultaneously being aesthetically enlightened by my work. My artistic style is an homage to the importance of an intimate connection to your conscious mind.”

And more TBA

We’re on a mission, and the mission is to save the world through promoting peace, love, unity, respect, ambition, creativity, tact, levity, integrity, kindness, empathy, ingenuity, and truth. (PLUR, ACT LIKE IT)

With love and support from people music productions

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