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Venue Information

STUDIO SEVEN  is located just five minutes from historic Pioneer Square and downtown Seattle in the SoDo area.  The club boasts a dual level showroom with a capacity of 750  patrons. Configured for national and international touring bands, the club provides private dressing rooms and showers, parking for tour buses and plenty of free parking for our patrons!

THE CLUB is host to a variety of events, concerts, private parties and video shoots.  Studio Seven is multi-level, allowing for over-21 music lovers to purchase alcoholic beverages at all ages shows.  Our performing artists can opt to perform in front of an all adult crowd. Please contact us us via e-mail if you have interest in venue rental at

STUDIO SEVEN also features 17 band rehearsal rooms.  Each room is designed with one foot sound proofed walls ensuring privacy and eliminating disruptions from other rehearsing bands.  All rooms are rented on a monthly basis and vary in size to fit your budget.

SOUND EXCITING?  We think so.  Please contact us now so we can discuss your musical needs.

Please e-mail for venue rental and general information or call 206-286-1312

visit us @

110 S. Horton St.
Seattle, WA, 98134
(206) 286-1312

  • 5 Day Show Forecast

    • Oct 26
      AFTON LIVE: Earlier Rock/Indie Portion Starts 7:00 PM : Josh Eacrett, Benj Roberts, GLICERYN, Vaughn Tisdel Later Hip Hop/R&B Portion to Follow: 4KMG, Eugene Bdot, Frank Tank, Shine&Big Spiff, yung bruh, Young Kim, Gritty Gang Music Group (GGMG), Many Are Connected, Leon Phelps, Rashad Dollaz, SeiLuv, Nuvo Tha1, Haggard The Horrible, RickRated, The Coalition, The Dead Emcee, SRS, Randum45
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    • Oct 29
      More Info
    • Oct 29
      Pre-Halloween Hip HOP Showcase Featuring !! > Goozebumps / Zak Swift / ESSENO / Young Native / SAM SHOEMAKER KEYZ / DAMANSHEN / > EZQUIZITE / SAYKRED / JUNIOR / JUNIOR MANCH MALEVOLENT / DP WHITEBEAR >
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    • Oct 30
      OUTLINE IN COLOR - Elenora - For The Likes Of You - Like Vultures - A Taste of Daylight
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    • Oct 31
      KISW METAL Shop Presents: WHITE CHAPEL - Upon A burning Body - Glass Cloud - Never Met A Deadman - Prometheus HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!
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