Thanks for checking us out and we hope we can help you get your band on our stage. The following information should give you clear directions on how to approach Studio Seven and set up a show.

If you’ve never done this before we would like to say that we fully understand that getting your band off the ground isn’t easy and takes a lot of work. Getting good gigs in front of the right crowds is even harder. What you are about to read is not meant to discourage, but to help you get your band underway. Patience and hard work will be recognized and rewarded.

For those of you who have been around the block, bear with us and keep in mind that in rock & roll, you never stop paying your dues.


How do we get a gig at Studio Seven?

First, you should know that we expect a band to to be able to draw 40-50 people at the very least. You really need to work on this well before you start talking to us. If you don’t think you can pull this off, you should look into getting into one of the local battle of the bands. That’s a great testing ground for new talent and another step towards regular bookings.

Do NOT send us a promo kit! If we feel that your band is right for Studio Seven, we will ask you for one.

There’s a reason we all do the entertainment stuff: Money, sex and fame. Unfortunately, to keep this club running, we are immediately concerned with the money end of it. Sure, we love hanging out, drinking, and seeing your band, but being a business, and staying in business, means we have to make money to pay the bills. You all have seen live venues going out of business left and right, and that’s partially due to the local scene laying back and not working for it. You have to promote your ass off to make this work, that’s the bottom line. Like we said earlier, hard work will be recognized and rewarded. Conversely, slackers will play in their parents’ garages forever.

Once you have made the cut, you may ask the following questions…

What are load in times?

Generally load in is 1 hour before door time, unless we make adjustments depending on the show. You should email us and check, just to make sure. Headliner at 10pm, all others staggered shortly after that. Please, when you come, bring your band and crew members only. National touring acts typically don’t want an audience during their soundcheck. Guests are not allowed in the building until we open. Rolling in with an entourage isn’t very cool unless they don’t mind cleaning the toilets for us.

Will we get Hospitality?

Yes, we try to give water/soda/food vouchers, supplies permitting. The club provides private dressing rooms and showers, parking for tour buses and plenty of free parking for our patrons!

Can we bring guests?

Bands are allowed one guest per performing band member and one crew.

Promoting at Studio Seven and beyond

Promoting heavily is your best bet towards getting our attention and insuring your place on our roster. We are out and about and we see who is working for it. Studio Seven will try its best to provide promotional material to work with. Fill out the form above to see what is available.

A band representative may request access to the club to promote at other shows. You should call us 2 weeks in advance to see if we can put you on the list. You cannot flier for another venue in our club. Only Studio Seven fliers will be admitted.

What is over booking and why is it not advised?

Over booking is when you have too many shows in a short period of time. This will usually hurt your draw. We ask bands not book any local shows 2 weeks before their date with us, and at least a week or 2 after. Think about your friend’s band, how many times in a month do you really want to see them?

What if my drummer is a drunk ass and screws around?

Remember, you want to leave a good impression here. Most of us club folk talk to other club folk, and word-of-mouth can travel faster than you’d think. Your best bet is to keep that clown sober. We consider this our house and even if the rest of you guys are cool as hell, you won’t be invited back.

Getting on a bill

If you feel that your band would work well with another band, let us know. Keep in mind, national touring acts will often pick their own opening acts and if they don’t, we have a list a mile long of bands that have worked for it. Your best bet would be to kick some ass and get on that list.

Can I put my own bill together?

If you have a package idea that you know can draw, let us know. Sometimes we have open nights and are willing to try you out but be sure that your show (with 4-5 bands) can draw between 150-200 people.

Out of town bands

(This does not apply to All-Star Bands)
Unless you have some kind of buzz, college radio play or great press in our area, you may want to consider playing a smaller venue in town. Studio Seven’s capacity is 750 and low attendance can make for an uncomfortable show. We are well off the beaten track and if somebody has never heard of you, they probably won’t make the journey.

Most of this stuff is common sense, but you’d be surprised how many bands do not know some of the basics. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. Be professional, and above all be cool…

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How many people you REALISTICALLY think you can draw here? (Keep in mind, if you tell us you can bring 40 people and 4 actually show up, we will take this into consideration when you come looking for another gig. Be honest and realistic and don't burn bridges.)

What is the average age of your audience?

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