• 5 Day Show Forecast

    • Oct 21
      KISW METAL Shop Presents: DEICIDE - SEPTIC FLESH - INQUISITION - ABYSMAL DAWN - CARACH ANGREN - Gravenloch - Hereticon Tuesday Oct 21st!!
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    • Oct 24
      KISW METAL Shop Pres: Carnival Of Death Tour II - with SUFFOCATION - KATAKLYSM - Jungle Rot - Pyrexia - Internal Bleeding - Devilation
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    • Oct 25
      KISW METAL SHOP Presents: AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK - RINGS OF SATURN - UPON THIS DAWNING – The Convalescence - Ashes of Existence - Avoid The Void
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    • Oct 26
      AFTON LIVE: Earlier Rock/Indie Portion Starts 7:00 PM : Josh Eacrett, Benj Roberts, GLICERYN, Vaughn Tisdel Later Hip Hop/R&B Portion to Follow: 4KMG, Eugene Bdot, Frank Tank, Shine&Big Spiff, yung bruh, Young Kim, Gritty Gang Music Group (GGMG), Many Are Connected, Leon Phelps, Rashad Dollaz, SeiLuv, Nuvo Tha1, Haggard The Horrible, RickRated, The Coalition, The Dead Emcee, SRS, Randum45
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    • Oct 29
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